a-roi group Exit Planning Advisors
Provides Family Business Owners:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Preparation Before the Sale of Your Business
  • Asset Protection
  • Continuity Plan
  • Succession Plan
  • The Actual Sale of Your Family Business

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side note -
Did you know that in the sale of almost all businesses and medical practices, the attorney and CPA never talk to one another to discuss the business owner's best interest? This is where a-roi group will collaborate with all parties together in one room. Remember, this is all about you and your family!

Ohio Exit Planning Advisors  •  Selling Your Family Business in Ohio

Our Story

a-roi group has assembled an independent group of entrepreneurs focused on one specific objective: to support business owners through a major decision of their life - the sale or transfer of their business or medical practice. Our process will exploit our team of experienced professionals to unlock the best strategies that increase bottom line, mitigate internal/external risk, and successfully transition out from under the business, all while alleviating tax obligation. Our unique expertise brings each client to a level of absolute confidence. Having the "right team" to facilitate this very challenging experience is essential to every business owner. It's essential to you.

We realize some business owners are not ready to sell due to having specific needs that need addressed, from bookkeeping to production capabilities.

a-roi group does not "product push." We solve problems that exist from all perspectives, including a strong focus on your family - before, during and after the sale or transfer of your business or medical practice.

Let a-roi group be a part of your team to help guide your business, medical practice, personal, and family needs.

Questions a Business Owner May Have:
  • How Do I Sell My Business?
  • What Is My Business Worth?
  • How Do I Find the Right Business Broker?
  • How Do I Tranfer My Business?
  • How Do I Exit My Business?
  • How Do I Sell My Medical Practice?
  • How Do I Even Start the Selling or Transfer Process of Selling or Transferring My Medical Practice?
  • Who Should Negotiate the Sale or Transfer of My Medical Practice?
  • How Do I Really Know What My Medical Practice is Worth?
  • Who Can Help Me Through the Selling of My Medical Practice?
  • I Want to Create a Succession Plan!
  • I Want to Buy a Business!
  • I Need a Business Valuation!
  • I'm Thinking About Selling My Bussiness, Where Do I Look for a Business Broker?
  • What is the Difference Between Succession Planning and Continuity Planning?
  • Do I Need an Estate Plan?
  • Do I Need a Financial Planner?

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Ohio Exit Planning Advisors  •  Selling Your Family Business in Ohio

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